How it works

Praveen felt that UK supermarket Indian ready meals are generally of poor-quality, with average ingredients produced by machine or robotic cooking and are largely uninspired, bland and lack authenticity.

At Praveen Kumar Ready to Eat Curry, our Chefs make your meal by hand using the finest fresh ingredients that the UK has to offer. We’re proud that our meals use a ‘hand’s on’ approach and are not machine driven.

Cooking your meal

All our fresh food suppliers and farmers are from Perthshire, Scotland. The majority of our herbs and vegetables are grown in our own ‘beyond organic’ greenhouse and are handpicked by our own market gardener on the day they are to be used. Delivery of all the ingredients which make your meal are made to our kitchen early in the morning. Our chefs then prepare your tasty meal. Once ready, your meal is blast chilled and frozen to seal in the flavours. To freeze something is to simply preserve it without chemicals and in a way that ensures that bacteria cannot grow.

Delivering to you

Once your chosen order is cooked and blast frozen, it is then boxed in its own insulated packaging. This packaging is in effect a mini freezer which guarantee’s your meal will stay frozen for at least 27 hours after leaving our premises and up to 8 pm on your chosen date of delivery. This has been robustly tested and as such comes with a guarantee that your food will be frozen to touch, if left in it’s packaging, for this same 27 hours from the time the food left our kitchen. We have a ‘STAY FROZEN’ guarantee which means that in the very unlikely event that your meal is defrosted before you receive delivery, up to 8 pm on your chosen date for delivery, we will replace it immediately, free of charge.

We will deliver your food directly to your door via our trusted couriers the next day from 8 am  (Tuesday to Friday).

(See ‘Food Delivery’ on this site for all Terms and Conditions including time slots and costs).

Packaging for your meal

We are very aware that delivery companies use a lot of packaging. Therefore, we have made a conscious effort to ensure that all of our packaging is re-useable or recyclable.

Our box consists of 3 main components – all of which have been specially designed to ensure that your food stays frozen.

  1. A fully recyclable cardboard box. You can reuse or alternatively recycle it at any cardboard recycling centre.
  2. RanPak pads: 100% recyclable paper is formed with a unique stitching process that traps air between two sheets of craft paper. The trapped air allows the paper pads to offer the same temperature sensitive properties as other alternative materials but it is also kerbside recyclable and bio-degradable.
  3. Dry Ice: is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Dry ice will evaporate naturally to ensure your food is still frozen for 27 hours.

What if I am not at home?

Don’t worry if you are not at home, our portable freezer boxes have been developed to ensure your order stays frozen for 27 hours from leaving our Kitchen in Perth, Scotland. Just let us know the safest place to leave your order if there is a chance you’ll not be at home.

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